Stop! Quilting time.

I’ve been working on this quilt for about three or four years but it really didn’t take that long to make, I just kept putting off actually finishing it up. I didn’t feel very confident about what I was doing because I didn’t really know how to put it all together. I decided just to go for it and I think it worked out ok. I’m starting to actually do the hand quilting part, which might take me another 3 or 4 years. Oh well, I think it might be worth that extra blood and sweat.



3 responses to “Stop! Quilting time.

  1. Your quilt is so beautiful Rhea!! You should get a much larger hoop for the quilting part – it makes it easier and you can stitch more before needing to move the hoop. They make big ones specifically for quilting. I wish so much that we lived next door to each other so we could sit together and watch movies and quilt. We could have a little quilting bee with Jessica and Carrie. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Some day…

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